Mindstrong Health Expands Series B Financing with $31M Investment
January 3, 2019

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mindstrong Health, a healthcare innovation company dedicated to transforming mental health through measurement science, announced today that it has expanded its series B financing with an additional investment of $31 million led by General Catalyst. “We are very excited to have General Catalyst among our backers as we seek to advance mental health,” said Founder and CEO Paul Dagum.

“We are especially proud to have secured support from a firm known for strategic counsel and visionary, ambitious investments.”

“Mindstrong has assembled the multi-disciplinary expertise required to address the acute mental health issues that we face as a society today,” said Hemant Taneja, managing director at General Catalyst. “We are investing in Mindstrong because we think that its novel diagnostic approach and integrated healthcare delivery model can be the blueprint for a modern mental health system."

Mr. Taneja will join the board representing General Catalyst. Joining the company’s board as an independent director is Stephen K. Klasko, M.D., MBA, president of Thomas Jefferson University and CEO of Jefferson Health. Dr. Klasko is an experienced medical education and health system leader. In 2018, Modern Healthcare named him one of the 100 most influential people in healthcare.

About Mindstrong Health

Mindstrong Health is a healthcare innovation company dedicated to transforming mental health through measurement science. Mindstrong’s solution and health services help detect mental illness early to deliver preemptive care and improve outcomes. The company is based in Palo Alto, California, and is backed by ARCH Venture Partners, Foresite Capital, Bezos Expeditions, Decheng Capital, Berggruen Holdings, and One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund. To learn more about Mindstrong Health, visit mindstronghealth.com

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