EpiMab Biotherapeutics Wins Fortune China Innovation of the Year
December 8, 2017

The Fortune China Innovation Award, co-established by Fortune magazine and the municipal government of Guangzhou, is aimed at encouraging startups that excel in scientific and technological innovation in China. Since its announcement in May, the award attracted over 100 entrants, 15 of which made it to the final round.

Five finalists came out as winners in five categories: BZN (保準牛), for e-commerce and fintech; EpimAb (上海岸邁生物科技), a Shanghai-based bio-pharm R&D firm, for healthcare tech; Saphlux, a company commercializing semi-polar gallium nitride, for mobility and green tech; Chaitin (長亭科技), a leading artificial intelligence (AI)-based, semantic analysis powered firewall web application, for AI and robotics; and Yixue Education (乂學教育), developer of the first self-adaptive learning engine for online education in China, for new media, entertainment and education. Each of them was awarded a Trumpchi car by the Guangzhou Automobile Group


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