SentreHEART Announces Closing of $35M Funding Round for aMAZE Trial
September 27, 2016

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SentreHEART, Inc., the manufacturer of the LARIAT technology for catheter-based, non-implant left atrial appendage closure (LAAC), today announced it has closed a $35 million Series D round of financing. Deerfield Management Company, a healthcare investment firm with over two decades of experience, led the financing, which included participation from SentreHEART’s existing investors U.S. Venture Partners, Prospect Ventures, Vivo Capital and Decheng Capital.

The proceeds will be utilized to complete the aMAZE (alternative-MAZE) randomized, pivotal clinical trial evaluating the use of the LARIAT device for closure of the LAA as an adjunctive treatment to ablation in patients with persistent or longstanding persistent atrial fibrillation (AFib). Deerfield Partner Ted Huber will join SentreHEART’s Board of Directors. “We are excited to have Deerfield as an investment partner in SentreHEART,” stated Russ Seiber, CEO and President of SentreHEART. “Our objective is to address improved treatment strategies for AFib of which the LAA plays a critical role in the restoration and maintenance of normal sinus rhythm, as well as, protection against thromboembolism. The aMAZE Trial is key to fulfilling our commitment to developing clinical evidence with potential to significantly improve the lives of patients with atrial fibrillation.” “We are very pleased to support SentreHEART and the landmark aMAZE Trial. The LARIAT technology addresses the clinical needs and requirements for LAA closure in AFib patients with advantages unmatched by other closure options,” commented Ted Huber. “The technology developed by SentreHEART is creating a new path to improved outcomes in the treatment of AFib, as well as redefining the clinical role of LAA closure.” Recent studies have demonstrated that the LARIAT device not only closes the LAA mechanicallyi, but can also isolate electrical activity within the LAAii, a known contributor for AFibiii. The objective of the aMAZE Trial is to demonstrate that LARIAT for LAA closure, plus a PVI ablation, will lead to a reduced incidence of recurrent AFib compared to PVI alone, with a high safety profile.


SentreHEART is a privately owned medical device company based in Redwood City, CA. Founded in 2005, SentreHEART has developed technology for remote delivery of suture for closure of anatomic structures.


The LARIAT Suture Delivery Device is indicated for suture placement and knot tying in surgical procedures where soft tissues are being approximated and/or ligated with a pre-tied polyester suture. SentreHEART received FDA 510(k) clearances for the LARIAT in 2006, 2009 and 2014. The LARIAT device also has CE Mark approval in Europe.


The aMAZE Trial is a randomized, controlled clinical study that is presently enrolling to evaluate the use of the LARIAT device for catheter-based closure of the left atrial appendage (LAA) as an adjunctive treatment to ablation in patients with persistent or longstanding persistent atrial fibrillation (AFib).,

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